Virtuous Cycles


Everyone has a role to play. Most people just need a simple place to start and an increasing commitment will follow. With time, many volunteers discover a desire to respite or even foster.


Volunteers - Family Helpers and Child Mentors - become extended family to a foster family. Volunteers are part of a Care Community of support to a foster family, providing practical support such as meals, laundry, housecleaning, yard work, transportation, childcare, tutoring, mentoring, etc…


Interim Caregivers give foster families the extended break they need to remain healthy in their marriage and overall life. These helpers, through a special approval process, are like aunts and uncles to foster children, keeping the children for a long weekend or even up to a few weeks. Further, Interim Caregivers are “on deck” foster parents, qualified to step into a more committed role if they choose.


Foster parents give grace, love and stability for sometimes weeks, often months, and occasionally years. Bill Moyers once wrote, “Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table. Faith-based justice offers a place at the table.” Foster parents offer children a place at their table, in their home, and in their hearts.

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